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Thie Imbyl Beg (Manx)


Thie Imbyl y Vooinjer Veggey


The Brewery of the Little People


The Old fairy Bridge is just a few hundred yards from my House






Plant as it is now with  addition of 3 way valve to route wort to the Rims tube  or to the Fermenter, the Trub Filter to the left of the RIMS Tube and above these two is the Hop Rocket for adding dry hops. Also replaced was the wort pump with the present Magnetically coupled centrifugal pump. Tri clamp fittings are plainly visible in this photo.



Brand ABV  Style      
 Ironic Rye  3.8  Pale Ale      
Amarillo Dreaming 4.2  Pale Ale      
Essentially Citrus 4.5 Twisted Bitter      

Ironic Rye

Originally installed in 20013 as a project for when I retired from Okells. This brewery lay untouched until I left Okells in Sept 2018 and then I started experimental brews on the plant.   Plant as it is now, lots of modifications were made to allow Temp programmed Mashes,with a RIMS System installation, addition of Trub filter, a Hop Rocket, and lately Tri Clamp fittings throughout.